Intro To WiViKiosk Interactive Whiteboard

Interactive whiteboard are generally widely used in conference rooms, classrooms, command centers, exhibitions and other scenes.
The hardware of the interactive whiteboard mainly consists of: LCD screen, touch screen, shell, computer host, etc., through a power cord, touch operation, query, and writing functions can be realized.
Cool appearance, innovative and unique design
WiViKiosk interactive whiteboard is equipped with a high-quality multi-point infrared touch screen, which is sensitive and has no touch delay. All controls are completed on the screen surface. Any object touches, including fingers and pens on the touch screen, controls all applications, and easily realizes handwriting, Functions such as drawing and filling are smooth, stable and reliable in use.
High configuration, flexible dual system switching
In terms of configuration, the interactive whiteboard adopts Mstar 6A638 chip motherboard, supports HDMI and DP true 4K output, Android 4.4 operating system, dual-core ARM A53 1.5GHz CPU, 1G DDR3 memory, 8G standard storage space (expandable to 16G, 32G ); In addition, it can also be equipped with Mstar 6A828 chip motherboard, supporting HDMI true 4K output, Android 5.0 operating system, quad-core ARM A53 1.4GHz clocked CPU, 2G DDR3 memory, 8G standard storage space (expandable to 16G, 32G), It can satisfy most Android extended applications. At the same time, the whole machine comes with a standard 80PIN OPS interface, and OPS computers with different configurations can be selected to meet different applications on the Windows platform. The Android platform and the Windows platform complement each other to provide customers with a comprehensive experience.

Whiteboard (2)
Interactive whiteboard is used in the field of teaching. It has the most advanced computer processing system, and its powerful touch and control operations make it the most intelligent and superior equipment in industrial manufacturing. It has Bluetooth amplification technology, an ultra-clear LCD screen, which can clearly reflect the content being edited.

Post time: Nov-04-2021