How to start a vending machine business?

After the outbreak of COVID, contactless shopping became more and more popular.
Since World War II, unmanned vending machines were invented. In order to solve the problem of high labor costs, they were used to sell some beverages. The cost of putting a machine on the street is much lower than setting up a salesman on duty.
Intelligent mobile vending machines are becoming more and more common in life. At present, unmanned self-service smart vending machines have become an indispensable basic configuration of office buildings, shopping malls, hospitals, hotels, parks, factories, even subway stations, railway stations . The advantages of smart vending machines are as follows.

1. Intelligent technology promotes new retail and unmanned retail trends.
With the advancement of technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, and the Internet of things, the manufacturing industry is upgrading to intelligent manufacturing, and transportation is developing toward autonomous driving. The retail industry will inevitably adapt to this trend, using smart devices and solutions such as self-service settlement and mobile payment to continuously replace manual services, reduce unnecessary circulation links and costs, and promote the retail industry to be more standardized and convenient.

2. Non-contact shopping, a personal protection way.
The prevention and control of the epidemic is the foundation, prerequisite and key to the steady recovery and development of the economy. The current epidemic prevention and control task is still very arduous. Smart retail terminals represented by smart vending machines can effectively reduce the contact between people. In terms of epidemic prevention and control and personal protection, it has advantages that traditional supermarkets and convenience stores cannot match.

3. Create a more convenient place service with the characteristics of instant consumption.
Compared with traditional supermarkets, convenience stores, express delivery, and express delivery, the advantages of smart vending machines are not only safety and contactlessness, but also instant consumption scenarios formed by them, which can meet people’s consumption needs anytime, anywhere

Work, office, overtime, queuing, waiting, shopping, playing…

Thirsty, hungry, sleepy, hot, irritated, dry, tired…

Intelligent vending machines can solve these problems anytime and anywhere, and replenish energy and supply status anytime and anywhere.

4. The variety is becoming more and more abundant, meeting more and more life needs.
Purchasing goods through smart vending machines has been experienced and accepted by more and more consumers, and has become a common life scene. The types of goods sold through smart vending machines are becoming more and more abundant. From limited varieties such as cold drinks, dairy products, snack foods, and fast foods, it has continuously expanded, and now covers many categories such as daily necessities (such as tissues, masks, wet wipes, etc.), seasonal fruits (bananas, cherries, dried fruits), etc.
The vending machine takes small footprint and low cost, which can fully meet the needs of consumers for convenient and timely purchase.

Vending Machine (3)
How to start your vending machine business?
Investment point one: location selection.
The success of unmanned vending machines depends on the location of the location, so choosing the right location is very important. Campuses, factories, hospitals, stations, amusement parks, and tourist attractions are all very good delivery points.
Investment point two: choose the right machine.
At present, the vending machines on the market mainly include sprial machines and serpentine machines. The cargo path of the serpentine beverage machine is specially developed for the sale of beverages. The same volume is much more than the ordinary sprial machine, the disadvantage is that the cost is much higher, and it can only sell drinks. Generally, if you don’t want to invest too much money in the early stage, the beverage vending machine of sprial is a good choice!
Investment point three: choose the right product.
You must choose the best-selling drinks, and don’t do the less popular ones. The profits of the business are mainly accumulated by volume. The profit of a single product is not high, the number of machines is large, and the sales volume is large, and the overall profit will be considerable.

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Post time: Sep-02-2021