How to place the all-in-one touch screen digital signage to be more attractive?

With the development of the times, traditional advertising has been replaced by smart advertising machines, which can display high-definition images such as pictures and videos online in real time. The advantages and selling points of the product can be conveyed to consumers in the form of pictures, text, and videos. So how can a advertising all-in-one touch screen digital signage attract consumers’ attention?

All-in-one touch screen digital signage

If the content of the touch screen advertising machine is not communicated to consumers in an effective way, all preparations are futile. The placement of the vertical touch advertising machine is easy to be overlooked by the company, and a good placement strategy must be adopted. In order to enable enterprises to better use the vertical touch screen advertising machine to achieve the desired effect, we have summarized several important placement strategies. We will introduce the three-point placement strategy of the vertical touch advertising machine below:

First, find the waiting time of consumers (such as checkout, subway platform, ticket office, etc.) or the location of a lot of traffic (such as elevators, escalators, porches, etc.). Regardless of the area, consumers are waiting for the best position for vertical touch ads.
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Touch screen advertising machine

Secondly, for the retail environment, consumers can consider store habits. Retailers can install a vertical touch screen advertising kiosk on the front door, about 10-15 feet away from the entrance, because people enter through the front door. Don’t ignore the front door, they tend to focus on their goals. The windows of shops and restaurants can be ideal locations for vertical touch advertising machines, because they can attract more attention and attract customers during the business hours of the store.

Thirdly, consider lighting to ensure that consumers can read under proper lighting conditions. Avoid too much ambient light at the installation location (if this is the best location, be sure to choose a high-brightness screen). If the sun shines directly on the screen, it will make it difficult for consumers to see what the screen is pushing.

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Finally, whether it is to increase passenger flow or promote certain products, you must understand the goal of the vertical touch screen advertising machine, and then put it in the right place. Only in this way can we get a better publicity effect, and also allow more people to understand the vertical touch screen advertising digital signage.

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Post time: Oct-07-2021