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The advertising LCD player is a new generation of intelligent equipment, through the terminal software control, network information transmission and multimedia terminal display constitute a complete advertising broadcast control system. Advertising format including pictures, text, flash, video, weather, exchange rate, and other multimedia material . The initial idea of the advertising LCD player is to make the ads to change from passive to initiative, and it turns out that its interaction makes it contains a lot of public service functions which successfully attract customers to take the initiative to browse ads.

Therefore, at the beginning the mission of the advertising LCD player is to change the mode of passive communication , through interactive way to attract customers to browse ads actively. The development direction of the advertising LCD player is also continuing this mission: intelligent interaction, public services, entertainment and so on.

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1. Time control

Final mission of the advertising LCD player is to take market as much as possible. WiViKIOSK advertising LCD player can set multiple groups of time control to do valid advertisement on the most proper time, it stays on call 24/7.

2. Multimedia play

WiViKIOSK multimedia information system not only broadcast text and pictures, it also makes ads vividly with videos, flash, music, real-time weather

etc. In this way, it allows ads company to do more creativity work.

3. Individuation

With WiViKIOSK advertising player, advertising become rational, consumer – led, non – compulsive and step – by – step ads, it’s a low cost and humanize promotion. It avoids the interference from salesman, and through the provision of information to establish long-term good relationship with consumers.

4. High efficiency

Advertising LCD player can store large information which quality and accuracy is much higher than other media. And it can adjust information in time

to meet customer’s demand efficiently

5. Economy

Advertising through WiViKIOSK advertising player is much better than flyers, newspapers, television advertising. On one hand it can reduce the printing, delivery, high expensive TV advertising costs, on the other hand it support TF/SD card /U disk which can be rewritten several times to reduce the loss caused by multiple exchanges.

6. Wide application

WiViKIOSK advertising LCD players have been widely used in large supermarkets, clubs, shopping malls, hotels, government agencies and so on. Advertising content can be changed automatically and remotely.

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Post time: Oct-28-2021